Pick One Word For Your Personal Branding

Professional Salespeople are in the business of imaging and positioning.  So, why would I deal with you and consider your product or service?  Every buyer asks that question.  Finding a unique way to distinguish yourself sets you apart from the other Salespeople all claiming to offer the best value.  Here is a simple way to do it.

We are referring to the term branding

The product or service you sell has a brand.  It’s brand is not the logo.  It’s the feeling people experience when they see the logo or hear the brand name.  In marketing, this is your goal and end result.  The brand sets the perceived value of the product, which is used to justify the price.

Companies spend exhaustive amounts of time, energy and money to establish the right brand.  Advertising agency executives stay awake at night, constantly striving to evolve a client’s brand in their own bid to keep the business.

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